4 Reasons Why you Should Make a Will

Many of us never think about what might happen after we shuffle off this mortal coil, perhaps because it is a morbid subject, and not one that bears thinking about. Yet, what happens to your estate after your death is something that should concern everyone, and if you were to die without making a Will, your estate will be at the hands of ancient laws that might result in your estate not being divided how you intended. If you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons why it makes sense to make a Will.

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  1. The Final Say – Whatever else, writing your own Will gives you the final say over what happens to everything you own in the event of your death. You may have a dear friend that would really love your vintage car, or perhaps your cousin, who would really benefit from a university education. Whatever you decide, will be carried out by your appointed executor, who should be someone you trust implicitly. If you are in the UK, making a Will in Bedford, or anywhere else, is easy with online Will writers, who will come to your home.
  1. Family Disputes – We have all seen the comedies where all the family are plotting to get as much from the estate as they can, and while reality isn’t quite as dramatic, the death of a family member can be the start of a huge conflict. The problem arises when certain family members think they deserve a lot more than the law states, and if a person dies intestate (without a Will), the decision on who the beneficiaries are rest solely on the law, which hasn’t changed in 100 years. In some cases, a family member has been promised something by the deceased person, but they never made a Will, and therefore that claim would hold no weight, as there is no hard evidence that points to their claim.
  1. A Fine Level of Control – If, for example, a person was quite wealthy, and had two teenage children, and was justifiably concerned as to how they would handle such a large inheritance at such a young age. Many a young person has squandered millions, from either a lottery win, or an inheritance, and without the guidance of an elder, the money would soon be gone. If you write a Will and appoint an executor, someone you trust, to carry out your wishes, then you can stipulate exactly how the money is to be paid. It might be wise to limit this to a monthly allowance, until hey are a little older, and you could include other requirements, such as finishing education, or holding down a job for a specific period.
  1. Plan your Own Funeral – When a person dies intestate, their partner or nearest relative would decide on the funeral arrangements, which might not be to their liking, so to avoid this, it makes sense to make a Will, and part of that can be the type of funeral you prefer, you can even specify a location, and perhaps you could request for all those who knew you to congregate in your local pub, to give you a fine send off. You could even stipulate that sufficient funds were to be made available to pay for the evening, something all of your friends would appreciate.

Don’t leave things to chance, especially something as important as your estate, and by making a Will, you can rest assured that, should the worst happen, your estate will be divided as you wish.

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